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Growatt SPF5000ES

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We had a dual system installed  10KVA total 2x Spf5000 end of last year, all well in till a week ago the earth leakage tripped on DB and one unit would not power up any more after reset, we had the installers out to investigate and they reported back that according to the supplier upon investigation of the unit he found the main board is dead due to a surge from Eskom and not covered by the warranty and replacing the main board would not be cost effective he suggested we should rather buy a new unit. This obviously left us with a real bad taste in the mouth as we do have surge protection on the systems with dc fuse etc. and now we are forced to buy a replacement unit to ensure we have workable system. Some one mentioned to us and it make rather sense that it could be the fault came from the unit and caused the earth leakage to trip I do not know, they pointed out our units are dusty and it could be due to heat build up on components on main PCB,  personally I don't think its that bad as my desktop pc inners looks much worse after a year than that. 

I'm not sure what went wrong as this was over a weekend and no one was at work, if we have another failure we would then buy a different product I wonder what this rainy season will bring up with lightening strikes? and lastly it would have been nice to see time remaining on units display when running off the battery's I've been told there is no function.

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