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Planning a new system - some questions.


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I plan to start with a 3kW hybrid inverter with dual MPPT. The P V panels will be 310W each and I aim to put 8 on my roof arranged in 2 banks of 4. One bank faces northeast and the 2nd northwest (90 degrees angle between them).

I am quite technically competent so in my opinion even on a cloudless clear sky day I cannot workout how 8 panels might put out an ‘over-wattage’ of their (possibility on paper) 3280W. Because the geometry of the 2 arrays cannot possible produce even 3000W. My guess (and it is only that because I cannot work out the maths I would need to calculate an exact figures) is that I will be lucky to get 2200W at any time from this PV combination.

Now the main question that I cannot work out but need to know is how many more panels of the same strength can be safely added to each array to keep the output of the entire system of P V panels close to the 3000W my inverter can cope with? Using my “guestimate” of 2200W I calculate I should be able to add 2 to each array. But will this have a good safety margin for vast possible sets of eventualities my system could face? (It’s needless to try to factor in one academic eventuality that I can think of into this consideration. This of is a high level atomic bomb detonation! The more erudite will surely be able to consider more mundane but very much more important possibilities into this conundrum.)

So in summary. Plan. PVs of 310W x 4 facing NE + PVs of 310W x 4 facing NW in theory = 3280W but probably in practice very unlikely to = more than 2200W. So will PVs of 310W x 6 facing NE + PVs of 310W x 6 get to around 2850W (5% less than 3000W for safety I'm guessing again or can one safely push it closer to 3000W?)

Thank you.

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