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  1. I have worked through Gerhardt’s helpful post but I do need some extra specific help. Can anyone help me please. I am going for the same/similar Sunsynk 5.5kW super hybrid inverter and the ZTE ZXDC48 FB101 4.8kWh Li battery but planning to use the maximum strings of Canadian solar 410W super high power PERC with MC4 panels (ie 8 in each string) but my installer thinks 16 PV s are too much even though the 1 string will face north-east and the other north-west (90 degrees to each other). He warns that I could generate an over voltage in the system and fry my inverter. So this is my dilemma and I
  2. I was blown away by the good pricing of the new battery (I compared it to the SecondLife 5.1 by Revov) and it compares very favourably with it out-specking it on every front except being 300W smaller. But I had never heard of LTE corp. My early research place it as a very large telekoms player which did not inspire me too much. However this url https://batteryindustry.tech/pylontech-launches-5gwh-lithium-ion-battery-project-in-china/ allayed most of my fears. I do believe this is the battery of choice for my new install. (I am probably telling the boffins nothing new but maybe some of the othe
  3. I plan to start with a 3kW hybrid inverter with dual MPPT. The P V panels will be 310W each and I aim to put 8 on my roof arranged in 2 banks of 4. One bank faces northeast and the 2nd northwest (90 degrees angle between them). I am quite technically competent so in my opinion even on a cloudless clear sky day I cannot workout how 8 panels might put out an ‘over-wattage’ of their (possibility on paper) 3280W. Because the geometry of the 2 arrays cannot possible produce even 3000W. My guess (and it is only that because I cannot work out the maths I would need to calculate an exact figures)
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