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  1. If the roof is true east or true west I dont see the difference the water will heat up in the mornings if its east and cool down during the day and visa versa. However you could cover your north east and west roof with Electric PV this would mean you use a true hybrid inverter not an Axpert Clone this will allow you to power eskom non essential loads from the solar power during the day you will have best of both worlds no intrusive plumbing and you do not need to change much on your geyser maybe a timer to allow it to run during peak solar power.
  2. Don't you have a Deye or a Sunsynk inverter? As far as I know that inverter has a generator input output port that you can theoretically connect a geyser element to and divert excess power to the element during peak times would that not give you the same result?
  3. Try contacting @Aspergo they are the official importer of the battery
  4. I would recommend contacting Power Forum Store their prices are realy Good they may also have contacts for good allround installers in your area. Worth a shot.
  5. Realy awesome wondered why the battery was on the floor great idea to lift it off the ground great job! Well if are still planning add ons then there is no point in closing everything up completely.
  6. Very professional and neat installation love the attention to detail some of the best I have seen to date. Also love to see Sunsynk installs great Idea to mount the battery box on sturdy brackets looks much nicer than batteries on the floor. Also love the galvinized pipes used for the solar cables and earth cables really rounds everthing off. Even the Solar panels are mounted perfectly. I am impressed.
  7. Nicely done looks better than some socalled professional installations I have seen you could hide more of the cables with trunking. But I like your voltage display board.
  8. Hello Jannie View the attached Image for the recommended battery configuration your Inverter is 1000VA/800W Max Continuous load is 800 Watt view spec sheet attached
  9. My personal opinion is that it could be a risky purchase I prefer main stream products like Pylontech and Dyness that has a good reputation as reliable compatible products the price is almost to good to be true I would not take that risk.
  10. Depth of discharge Cycles @ 25°C and 1C (100A) 80% 3500 85% 2500 90% 1250 95% 500
  11. I covered your question what more do you want. Or do you just want to pick a fight..
  12. Very neat installation well done
  13. You claim that its an exaggeration of facts which it is not it was an example of data collected of a old solar installation on a weather station in Australia old Solar panels and old mounting methods fortunately technology has improved however and it is clear that you are nitpicking the fact is solar panels need ventilation you cannot mount them flush on a roof and the original question was what the best options are for solar structures vs roof type and birds nesting under solar panels and quality solar structures. So yes it could be costly for someone not installing and mounting their panels
  14. The figures quoted are based on data collected over years on an old solar array so to compare it to a new Canadian solar panel is not necisarily a good example however you are correct in your statement that the specific canadian solar panel looses 0.37% per degree and ps that base line is measured at 25 degrees celcius. So for every degree above 25 degrees celcius the panel looses 0.37% efficiency and every degree below 25 degrees it gains 0.37% efficiency however lets not nitpick there are many scientific research proving that solar panels need ventilation so that heat can dissapate to mainta
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