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  1. Thanks Coulomb, Do I then go :- 26 = 51.8V, 27 = 50.3V, 29 = 48V, 12 = 50V, and 13 = 52V. I am not clued up on firmware or patching so have to go with what I can set on the panel.
  2. Hi can someone advise me of the settings needed to get the voltage settings for 2 x 2.4 Pylontek batteries to discharge to 20% and load to 90%. I have; 12 = 48V, 13 = 51V, 26 =53.2V, 27 = 51V, 29 = 46V, Could I drop 13 to get back on batteries sooner as the sun charges up? Thanks
  3. Hi Jan, can you tell us more about what you bought and where and how long have you used it? Thanks
  4. Thanks, do you have his contact details for me please.
  5. Thanks, anyone have one of these and would care to comment.
  6. Make an offer and I will consider it.
  7. Any further info on this battery worth R25 000 ?
  8. Any one prepared to offer an opinion on THE SUN PAYS Lithium iron 4.8 kW battery at around R26 000.
  9. Hi I am in East London and will be able to deliver to east rand JHB. area in about two to three weeks time as I will have a truck going up then. Make an offer. James
  10. Price reduced to R12000 for all 4 batteries
  11. Selling 4 x 225Ah Varta 12volt lead acids for R3500 ea, good about 9 months and used correctly, 25% DoD. (upgrading). James 0826390395
  12. Thanks Coulomb, I have a bit of a typo in 16 it should be Sbl (solar for batteries first), Udc (disallow utility to charge batteries) however this still has the utility putting in 2 A until the PV power comes on line with the sun. There is a setting: Slb (solar for load first), Udc (disallow utility to charge batteries) I could change to this and see what happens, just nervous to change settings the installer made as it may invalidate my warranty. As for 12 the book recommends 46 Volts the installer put in 47, I understand from you it should be 49 v to prolong battery life. What do you recommend for 29, the book says 42 V. Thanks
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