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Same or Separate DB



Hi All

Looking at installing a simple 3kW inverter/2.4kW battery UPS system.

My DB has LOTS of room. 

Now the question. Can I install the necessary switchgear in the main DB.

It will be (all AC)

- CB for feed to Inverter

- Changeover switch

- CB for feed from Inverter 

- Earth Leakage (RCD) with the

- CBs for the selected circuits I want on Backup (lights and plugs) (reuse current CBs just connected to new RCD)

- Required Pilot Lights. 

The DC stuff (battery cables and fuse box) will be separate. 

Will this be allowed if adequately separated and so indicated in the board? Seems like such a waist to install another DB if the main one has like two rows 10 DIN spaces each.



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