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Mixing of Panels


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Hi there

Apologies if this has been commented on previously. I wanted to check if it would be ok to mix panel. Currently I have 11x Canadian Solar 330W (9 are connected at present, as my supplier was short 1 panel). My supplier no longer has the Canadian Solar 330W, but rather the 335W. 

Will it be ok to mix this into the last 3 series (1x 335W Canadian Solar and 2x 330W Canadian Solar)


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@Sheyn The lowest or smallest value in the specification will limit you, but you can mix panels in a string if you need to. These should be very close already and most likely from the same series (just check that).

I would suggest you add the mix to only one string so that most of the strings are the same and only 1 string has a mix of panels. That will give you the most output.

What will happen is that the panel with the lowest voltage will pull down the voltage of the rest of the panels in that string. There are small tolerance differences in any case for the same spec panels. As long as these are close the will not be much of an influence on the others. 

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