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Would a weekly timer on charger extend the battery life?


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All the new Victron chargers float at 13.2 Volt but then have a full 3 stage recharge once a week. Some people cannot afford Victron . . . . . 

We can get 20Amp 3-stage chargers at about the R500 mark. But they float at 13.8 Volt which is too high for my liking. I see sealed batteries weeping after a few months of no loadshedding. Taking a cue from Victron, can I put those cheap chargers on a geyser timer so that they only get about 3 hours of mains power once a week? The connected charger has a parasitic draw of 70 milliamp; about 11 Amp.hr. The battery size is between 100 and 200 Amp.hr.

Of course, when we have loadshed season, the timer will be bypassed and the charger will do its normal thing. I am thinking of this for the many months we often have without loadshedding . . . .  just to maintain the batteries with a weekly charge.

Thanks for considering

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