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My update


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Updated my system:


Still running my 3KVA Axpert

Using 2 X EPSolar Tracer AN's (New)

Upgraded panels from having 4 in parallel (Axpert charger went wonky and wouldnt go out of boost mode) to now having 2S2P for each controller (8 panels total) .


Already seeing nice increases in power from old 4 panels to having the series connection and benefiting from the higher PV.


Still have my first bank of 4 T105's leaking acid (Almost seems like its coming form the terminals) and the other 4 showing no issues of leakage.


Put a large load on today, Axpert measured 23.8V and MPPT's were showing 25.2V with a 70amp load coming from an induction cooker.


Considering adding a small Solis on grid system in the near future to help with those items that my system cant connect to.

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