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Axpert MAX 48V 7200W - low DC cut-off voltage patch


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Hello guys,

at home I'm currently running setup of AXPERT MKS 48V 5kW + Batrium BMS + 6x Tesla battery modules (48V, cca 30kwh). I'm pretty happy with it. As I would like to upgrade my inverter (because I need to have higher power output), I'm looking into options like Axpert Max or Victron Quattro. Victron is fine choice however double in price to Axpert. Before I spend fortune on Victron, I would like to ask if anybody have the know-how about patching the Axpert firmwares. I would need just to change low DC cut-off voltage to the lower value than original firmware allows.

I need this because Tesla modules are 12S (two in series), so my cut-off voltage needs to be around 38V. My Axpert gives me 40V, which it tolerable, Axpert Max has the 42V minimum - that is too high for me.

I'm a developer, I know the assembler, however I know how time consuming would be to dive in firmware without any experience how it is structured. Does anybody a hint?

Many thanks. George

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