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Mismatch panel array


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Hi. First time solar setup and already scratching my head and the internet for answers.

I have 3 x 100w Solar panels and one 350w. A 30amp controller 12/24v and a 3000w 12/24v inverter.  Between parallel or series and being over my amp count I don’t know how to arrange them. Have 2 x 100ah deep cycle batteries.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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18 hours ago, Animatsu said:

know how to arrange them

In all likelihood you will not be able to use the 350W panel along with the 3x 100w on the same MPPT. 

Now to see how all these things do need to be connected you will have to supply the specification of the inverter, the charge controller and those of the panels.
The charge controller will have a max voltage (and perhaps min. voltage) and each panel will also have voltages it works at. These need to be arranged to match, or else it will not work. 
The working voltages for a 100w panel will be vastly different to a 350w panel. So the 350w will have to get it's own charge controller and you might need more panels with it to get to the working voltage.


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