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Goodwe 5048 ES / Pylontech - Lightning Strike: Charging but not Discharging


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I had a relatively close lightning strike this weekend, I lost some network equipment and a 3d printer.

My Inverter (Goodwe 5048ES) at first glance survived. It charged the batteries fine from the solar panels the day after:


But this graph shows the issue: I'm not getting anything out of the batteries since the strike at 20:30.


Looking at pv master's alarms I get this (sometimes?):



  1. "Discharge current limited by bms is low" sounds like what I am experiencing.
  2. SelfUseOff - No idea why I'd be getting this, my mode is set to general/normal. I don't even know where to set the times. When I go back to basic setup and set mode to normal again the alarms are seemingly reset. Maybe I'll get this again after it ran for 24 hours and it made a realization...
  3. SOC Delta OverRange - That doesn't sound good.

Here is the parameters info from PV Master:




The CT meter tests says it is connected correctly.

I shut down my batteries and started them up again. I guess I should do the same with the inverter, I thought if it can charge it can discharge ...

Any ideas ?




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