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Synerji/Axpert Replacement


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I'm looking for suggestions/recommendations to replace my Synerji Hybrid.  I have considered Victron, Goodwe and SunSynk but can't quite work out whether they can be set up the way that I want.  I also do not want to change the solar panel configuration (2 x 72cell panels in series with 3 strings in parallel) giving me 1600W.  I have dedicated power sockets to power all my comms, entertainment and fridges as well as feeding all my lighting (LED). The system is set up to run off solar/battery (SBU) but will switch to mains at 20% battery discharge (50V) if mains is available or run until cut-off if mains is not available.  I initially had an Axpert but the solar charger failed fairly quickly. I replaced it with the Synerji (Must clone) but the solar charger has now also failed after just 20 months.  I was quite impressed with the Synerji (if a bit noisy) and it worked flawlessly until the solar charger didn't startup one morning when the sun rose.  I currently have a 5kW 48V unit but a 3kW will be more then adequate as well.  I would like to stay with a 48V unit (lead acid batteries) as this gives a lower current drain than a 24V option which is far kinder to the batteries.  Any suggestions as to a drop in replacement that is also locally supported for spares/repairs.

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