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Charging system with generator

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Hi all, 

Also an amateur with this wonderful stuff.

I have a 3Kva Ellies inverter with a 100Ah lithium battery and 9 x 275W solar panels. 

In full sun, my battery fills up to 100% by 12h00 but with the overcast days, I sometimes only reach around 75%. I do not have any grid power but want to boost the battery up with my 6,5Kva generator for the night.

Now, my inverter shows that the genny only contribute around 750w charge. This is very uneconomical. Can't the genny really boost the charge more? The inverter is set at it's maximum amps of 35A.

My inverter is set at solar and utility.

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Hi @Bos, also an amateur at this... 

What is your Battery Voltage?   At a guess 24V.  What is your Inverter charge Voltage setting?

When charge cycle starts in the morning, your battery is near your max DOD.  Recommended charge voltage for 24V battery is around 29V.  Assuming bulk charge is at or near max charge current of 35A, the resultant charge Watts will be in the region of 1000w give or take (29 x 35)

In the Float phase, typical charge voltage might be around 27V and as the battery gets closer to full charge, voltage stays constant but charge current will decrease, resulting in a lower charge Watts value, whether you're charging from solar or generator.

Here's a great article on charging Lithium Batteries - https://www.solacity.com/how-to-keep-lifepo4-lithium-ion-batteries-happy/


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