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SunSynk 8.8kW and Hubble Battery SOC Status Accuracy


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I installed a SunSynk 8.8kW Inverter, with 20 JASolar 380W panels and a Hubble 4.8kWh battery in early August 2020.    As a system it worked superbly, and in November I added a second Hubble.    I was aware at thetime that SunSynk could not understand the RS485 protocol that Hubble uses, but was informed that the next SUnSynk Update would fix that.

That turned out not to be the case, and I am using the Hubbles withgout RS485 in dumb battery mode.   Not a major problem, but the Inverter estimate of SOC and the Battery display SOC is only ever close, not really accurate. Eg When Inverter charging says 100% SOC, each battery reports 92% or 95% (both batteries never report the same actually). This has admittedly got better as the inverter has learned. With new batteries it reported 100% when only 85% - but after 10 days or so it got to mid 90% for 100%.

It is when discharging though that I have problems, having had City Power/Eskom type outages a few times, when the inverter shuts down the batteries still state 28-30% power remaining.     Part of buying the Hubbles was due to their specification that states that 100% discharge was possible (not recommended for regular use, but possible).

I now understand that Hubble is either not able to provide their 'proprietary code' to SynSynk, or to use one of the many SunSynk recognised protocols.  So the smart way of letting the Hubble BMS inform the SunSynk is not likely to be an option.

How should I configure my SunSynk  8.8 so that when using the battery in a backup mode. Usually night, or no sun, when Eskom power is out, that I can use close to 100% of the available 9.6kWh energy?   If I set the SunSynk battery low voltage too low, will the Hubble BMS protect the cells?  

I eventually want to use the SunSynk SOC value that I can read from the web page to control my Solar water heaters backup heater element in Winter via Home Assistant, but cant trust the inverter yet for a reliable Battery 100% signal.


Thanks in advance,



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