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2nd Hand / Used 2.56kWh BYD Batteries


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Dear all

Does anyone perhaps know a trustworthy source to get 1 or 2 slightly (1 - 2 year old) used 2.56kWh BYD batteries at a reasonable price?

I would like to expand our BYD bank, unfortunately the price for BYD batteries has increased over the last 18 months whereas other batteries e.g. Pylontech has come down significantly in price.

When we started off with our bank, the price per kWh between BYD and Pylontech was similar, currently BYD is almost twice the price per kWh compared to Pylontech and other Lithium batteries.




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Hi @billythekid

I suspect that is the 26K question 🙂

Not a very good sales person but perhaps some of the other members can perhaps help with this one.

You mentioned in a PM you can get new Byd's for approx R22k.

The cost for upgrading the existing Byd 5 kWh stack to 10kWh will be around R44K

Getting another complete 10 kWh stack, that can "talk" to the Goodwe inverter will cost between R50K - 55K (Pylontech / Alpha Smile) less whatever can be be gotten for the Byd stack.

Should one be able to get at least R13k per battery that it will be R26K for the two batteries (that will be only for the batteries without the cabinet which could perhaps be reused, but including the BYD comms box which will no longer be needed, if you do not already have a cabinet we can discuss that)

In which case the new stack will leave one (R50K to 55K) - R26k = R24 to R29K out of pocket which is at least still better than the R44K for upgrading the Stack.

Somewhere in the above, shipping etc. also needs to be factored in, as a guestimate it should not be more than R1K to R1.5K

Guess that should make the maths worth the while for both buyer and seller give or take?

In terms of info on the batteries, mine was installed about 19 months ago and during that the time the inverter was out of action for about 3 months, while waiting for the faulty inverter to be replaced so it will have been in active use for about 16 Months, which I have read before is about the limit if you want to add new batteries to the mix of used batteries (but stand corrected).

General question, are there any other "checks" which will be useful for Lithium batteries that has been in use?

Does anyone perhaps know how to directly "interrogate" the BYD's (or other lithium batteries) to obtain a SoH report or something similar from the BMS?

Will be happy to share the link to my system.




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