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How do I interpret the CoCT smartmeter info on their e-services?


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I'm hoping that someone here would be able to help out. I can't find any info on the CoCT's website how to interpret the smartmeter data...

I had an AMI meter installed in August, but somewhere the paperwork when missing and as a result it is only now that I am able to log on to COCT's website to see my smartmeter readings on the e-services site.

While the graph looks pretty and I am able to download a CSV file, I can't see how the CSV data is used to generate the graph and how that will be used to calculate my electricity bill. Perhaps it will make a bit more sense when I receive my first statement from CoCT, but in the mean time it would be nice to be able to put it in a spreadsheet and do my own calculations.

Here is what I see (for Nov)




What does the P1/Q1 etc mean?

Is S some sort of total for a given 15min period?

Is there some formulae, using the csv data, to calculate a daily import/export KWh value? I'm hoping to create a spreadsheet in order to track my monthly usage, forecast my bill, and check up on CoCT until I can trust what's going on here.

How does CoCT use this "rolling" figure, as someone called it in another post, to keep track of the monthly usage, or do they have to re-process all the source data again from start to the current data to know the net import/export value? Seems a lot more complicated than subtracting the current month's meter reading from the precious month's reading.

Anyway - if someone can give some pointers it will be much appreciated and I should be able to figure out the rest 🙂




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