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What Battery for my chargers


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Hey all,

I may have put the cart before the horse here but I have a camping trailer and I am looking for about 100ah of useable capacity.


The two chargers that I have are the Victron IP67 25A Charger (for when AC is available) and a WRND for solar and for charging from the vehichle while driving. Here are the specs:

The victron can do 10 or 25 amps and ranges as per the PDF (let me know if I should type them here)

The WRND "boost charges to 14.4V for up to 2 hours and then float charges the battery at 13.7V. If the battery voltage drops below 13.5V the unit will revert to boost charging" and does up to 20 amps

Battery choices:

Basically there are 3 choices:


So I feel that this is an unknown for me and the lead acid will save me some money now (for solar panels) ;) and I am also not sure how I feel about a lithium battery charging under my bed at night....

That aside, I feel the lead acid will "just work" with the chargers I have, my question is, will either of the Lithiums? Thier prices are less than double that of the lead acid and I would be saving weight. Also, I cannot find 100ah lithiums and the 200ah lithiums seem well prices enough.

Let me know what you guys and gals think :)

Thanks in advance.




P.S. I cant share pricing, sorry

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Good day,

the simple fact that 1x 200ah lithium roughly equals 2 x 200ah dead acid batteries makes them actually cheaper to buy in the short to medium term.

the price of lithium have come down considerably over the past couple years  so much so that you can find lithium batteries for almost the same price as dead acid.

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