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Connect Pylontech LV-Hub to Raspberry PI


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HI hellooo..

I have 8x 3000 pylon batteries and 3x Axpert 5KvA which I used to control through ICC on Pi, and now I got a LV-Hub for various reasons.

I got the batteries on 2 groups of 4 connected to the LV-Hub, but I don't know how to connect the hub to the Pi??

I used to connect to the batteries through the console port, but can't do that with the hub obviously.

Has anybody done this, that can give advice?

Thank you in advance... :)

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Did you ever get a solution to this?


Do I need th LV-HUB?

I have 1 bank with 4 us3000c in them. And one new Bank of 4 just arrived, but not installed yet

Problem is that cables are rated to 120A that feed the Breakers / isolaters

First bank feeding the breakers / isolaters

Do I need to set my second bank also direct to Breakers to avoid an overload of 120A on the long cables to the breakers and short ones between the 4 batteries.

Then how would ICC communicate to the second set of batteries as the Pylontech cable is connected to the first bank console port?




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