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Running a Fridge Off the Grid


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My solar system is pretty decent and able to run my whole house off the grid as I long as I dont use more than 2 big appliances. I generally have my Eskom switched off completely and run off the sun and batteries. My flat runs like this 95% of the time.


About a year ago, there was a period of around 10 days in jhb where there was no sun. I was concerned that my batteries wouldnt charge so I switched Eskom on to supplement my power. During this time there was also stage 4 loadshedding. One particular day, load shedding hit at the exact moment my fridge compressor started up and it blew up. The house stank to hell of burnt metal for about a week :( Insurance replaced the compressor on the fridge luckily.


Fast forward to yesterday and, after Eloise covered jhb in clouds for like 3 weeks, I switched on Eskom again. No load shedding this time but the Eskom power cut at the exact moment the fridge started up and now 3 components in the fridge have blown. It is now beyond repair and needs to be replaced


I'm not exactly sure what is going on here but maybe someone can shed some light on it. When Eskom is switched off, I have no appliance issues. I even use my microwave and kettle at the same time! However when I switch Eskom on and there's loadshedding or similar it seems like I am highly likely to get a blown fridge. Is it because the inverter can't switch between grid and battery/sun fast enough? It was a Bosch A+++ fridge and it is now being replaced with a Bosch A++ fridge and running on a Goodwe with Pylontechs. I find it weird that the fridge can burn components so easily when there's a potential shortage of power.


Any advice on how to prevent this would be greatly appreciated. I'm tempted to just switch Eskom off permanently and push my batteries down to 20% if needed.

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