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  1. Do you know what the delivery times are? I need to get a 3.5kw asap
  2. I'm not actually sure. Perhaps give Goodwe support a call on 060 719 2956. I know I usually have to try a few times to get my inverter to "take" a settings change. Usually, when I change from exporting to not exporting, the whole system shutdowns for like 20 seconds. It also seems to work better if I change it from a direct wifi connection to the inverter instead of via my home wifi.
  3. On the PV Master app, set the export limit to 0 so that it doesn't try to send power back to the grid. It might stop the tripping.
  4. I have the above config as suggested by GreenMan and it works great! I pull a max of 62A (if i put the geyser element on) but usually nothing more than 50A. This is on a 48-50V system Also, I recently bought a Russell Hobbs "Eco Friendly" Kettle. It's either 2200W or 2400W so not sure how true the naming is but it pulls about 48A at 50V. It's only slightly slower than the 3000W kettle though. Running everything off-grid at night so no sun or eskom
  5. Mine does the same thing. However, I just need to reconnect the wifi rather than restart the inverter. However, I'm using a really cheap wifi repeater so I'm no convinced it's entirely the inverter.
  6. Ok it's sorted! Goodwe HQ remotely reset my inverter to run 100% of BMS recommended load. If anyone else runs into the same issue just call Goodwe support and they'll sort it out for you
  7. Interesting. I have spoken to a few people who have 5kw inverters and they are running a single Pylontech 3.5kwh battery on them because it's more than capable of running the 74A max and 100A surge. That's why I think it's the way the Goodwe and Pylontech BMS communicate. Other inverters are happy to pull the required amount. The Goodwe isnt
  8. This is the main issue! I feel a bit cheated by Goodwe on this tbh. This 20% buffer is nowhere on any of their documentation. I would understand if they said 80% of the batteries' max output but 80% of the continuous output just seems unnecessary. I'm honestly tempted to tell the installer to send this one back and get another brand but I'm not sure which one will be better.
  9. Thanks Bobster. This is very helpful! my system has always been in on-grid mode So, if I switch my Eskom mains off, picture 1 and 3 above just use the battery. If it's capable of handling the load without Eskom, and if the battery is charged, I would like it to do the same even if Eskom is there. In general, I want the system to always hit the battery first. However, it refuses. Picture 2 was a rainy day. I'm not too worried about the PV on that day. I'm more worried about the battery being completely ignored. It was an iron that was running so it should have drawn something from Eskom but not everything! 2 hours of ironing from the made and the battery was asleep! Any ideas on how to get the inverter to pull 62 amps?
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone. My system is as follows: 8 x 390w panels - I've included 2 pics of the generation on a fully cloudy day vs a day with no clouds 6kwh pylontech (2.5+3.5) - supposedly capable of pushing 62 amps (25+37) but the inverter is only allowing 50 amps (80% of 62) Goodwe 5048ES 4.6kw I generally use very little electricity. On average, when my maid isnt working, I use 4kwh a day. I've attached some pictures of it preferring Eskom and overnight. Do I need to put something on to eat up power overnight? It seems like under 100 watts it doesn't like the batteries
  11. Hi everyone I'm hoping someone here can assist me with 2 annoying problems I'm having. I'm running a 2.5kwh and 3.5kwh pylontech battery on my Goodwe ES inverter (4.6kw) with firmware 5171708. Problem 1: The continuous discharge of the batteries is meant to be 62 amps with a max of around 124 amps. For some reason, I can only ever draw 50 amps from them (2.5kw). Apparently this is due to the inverter limiting the draw from the batteries to 80% of the 62 amps. However, the 62 amps is the 'stable' current so why must it restrict it even further. Is there any setting on PVmaster I can edit to force the inverter to pull 62 amps? Is there anything on the BMS I can edit? Problem 2: This inverters just loves Eskom! When Eskom power is around it will always prefer it. It's driving me crazy now. Every night I use about 1.5kwh of power while sleeping and about 1.2kwh of that comes from Eskom My batteries are at over 80% when I go to sleep. I don't understand why the inverter does this. Earlier today, my system was actually pulling 2.7kw from Eskom to power the house while, at the same time, pulling 1.1kw from the solar panels and charging the batteries with 0.8kw! This is highly frustrating and has forced me to basically switch the Eskom mains off unless I need to use my iron. How do I get this thing to behave without switching my mains off? I've tried switching the work mode from "on-grid" to "back-up" but that actually made it worse! If I don't allow it to export power, it also gets worse. For example, if export power is zero then I get about 50% of my daily power from Eskom. If I let it feed back then I get about 20% from Eskom. I'm not sure what's happening with the feedback as I live in a complex so it's probably being used up by my neighbours or something Has anyone seen this kind of thing before? It's honestly quite a frustrating situation now as I've basically got a 4.6kw inverter that can provide only 2.5kw and then only when actively cut my power. I feel like I could have installed a 3kw inverter with no batteries and less panels and saved half my money because that's what I have right now
  12. Thanks for all the replies and advice everyone. Managed to figure out that it was my fridge which caused the issues. Coincidentally, my fridge started up the exact same time I caused the trips. Now I just make sure I don't open the fridge just before a kettle/oven use and it's great Weirdly, I have to keep my eskom mains off all the time. I don't really have an issue with this but my inverter hates using the batteries when there's grid power. I've tried all the modes the on-grid and off-grid modes and, even though my battery is fully charged, I end up buying power. Goodwe support and the installer can't figure out why it does this Does anyone have any ideas why this would happen?
  13. So the apps say the battery is 100% charged? I don't think it's ever been under 70% when I tried to use the appliances. Is it possible that the batteries say 100% charged and are not charged? I'm probably going to have to talk to the installer about this.
  14. Hey everyone! I've been a voyeur here for about 2 years but finally managed to get something done at my flat and I'd just like to thank everyone for being so helpful and open in sharing their knowledge and experiences! I've installed the following: Goodwe 5048-ES 8 x 390 watt Canadian Solar panels 6kwh of Pylontech lithiums (2.5+3.5) - and potentially another 3.5 next week. Solar geyser I have pretty decent sun and the system is generating about 15kwh a day. Even yesterday was decent with 13kwh considering all the cloud cover. I do have one issue though which I can't figure out. As one does, I've been really punishing the system to test out what can/can't be done. So I've basically had Eskom turned off whenever I'm home. During the first few days I was able to use my kettle, microwave, oven, hairdryer, washing machine (on a hot wash), tumble dryer. All of this was run at night with Eskom off. I was pretty happy with everything as the biggest load according to the SEMS portal was about 2600 watts. I'm not sure what the peak load was as the app only tracks every 5 minutes. The last 2 days everything has stopped working though :( I tried using my kettle and the power tripped. I used my oven and the power tripped. I've spoken to the installer who is going to come back to test the system but I don't understand why it would just change. The other issue is that it's unpredictable now. So kettle on yesterday and it trips, kettle on today and it's fine. Luckily, during all my tests, I've had Eskom to enable me to restart the system but I'm not sure what to do if it trips when Eskom is off. My theory is that the batteries are only pumping out 62 amps max and I need another battery to meet the surge load. The extra battery would give a max amps of 99 or 4.7kw which matches the inverter nicely. I'm really hoping it's not the inverter that's now unable to support the loads. I still don't understand why it worked so perfectly initially and now it's not. Pretty much the only change I made between the working days to not working days was allowing my excess PV to go back into the grid. I'm not sure if this is overworking the inverter during the day or anything so then it struggles with surge loads but I am tempted to put the inverter back into idle mode to see what happens. Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated
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