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Water Booster Pump


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Morning Gents 

Question - I worked out yesterday that I would not be able to gravitational feed water to my house so I will have to use a booster/pressure pump :o.

The question is - any one here use a booster pump? I was looking on the net and found a one that uses about 0.37kw with a head of 10 - 35 max and volume 35l per min. My goal is to get the smallest possible motor. I would not need more than 2 bar of pressure as I would have used gravitational feed if I could. O ja - I currently do have a huge pressure pump (1.2 kw) If I ever wanted to irrigate but that would be off the genny.

Any suggestions?

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Hi Paul

Just this afternoon a friend and I connected his solar for the first time and he has a 0.75kw booster pump. it seems to draw about 0.9kw according to the axpert in reality and the surge power is probably much higher but not an issue. on my own system i run a normal single phase .55kw borehole pump and it works perfectly - also draws a bit more (around 750w) but no issues with surge power or the like ( i am assuming that is what you are worried about?). 

Cheers en sterkte

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Hey thank you for the reply!

I got a tiny 0.36kw pump and installed it this afternoon , man was I surprised! It works like a charm I suspect you wont irrigate the whole yard but for the house it is more than ok and best of all a very small amount of power. I will still need to run it for a day or so but so far so good - O ja the pump is a PM50 

Gooi kole..

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Hi. I know how to use Google. I was asking for a link to the pump you are using.


Which one are you talking about.

Oh but wait... we mos know this writing style do we not?[emoji6]

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LoL Apologies @TinkerBoy my intention was not to inflate :o and will as such retract my previous post , it was also sent in haste and maybe a bit uncalled for :wacko:

The brand itself does not matter much as I suspect that they are mostly import - old story of you get what you pay - the whole setup was about R 1350 controller included.From what I could understand was the PM50 is the standard model regardless of the brand and personally I was looking for the smallest possible pump that could deliver about 2 bar of pressure or so.  

The one I got is very similar to this specks:

Model: QB60L-EPS

  • Max Flow rate : 40 l/m
  • Head: 33 m
  • Suction: max ~8m
  • Max Pressure: 3.3 Bar
  • Voltage : 220~240v 50hz
  • Power: 0.37kw, 0.5hp, 2900rpm
  • Rated Flow rate to 15 l/m
  • Inlet 1 inch, outlet 1 inch

                      Price R1,653.00 inc.VAT



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