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Help needed with Narada 48NPFC100


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I have a Narada 48NPFC100 connected up to a 5kVA Voltronic inverter (Skyking) and have a bit of what another user wrote, buyers remorse.

First issue:
The inverter is connected to a raspberry PI and I read all the stats I require from the inverter, but the inverter has no idea what the battery is up to and reports very dodgy statistics on the battery current as I have read on this forum.

The battery is connected to the same raspberry PI using a RS485 TTL adapter and I figured out that the slave id of the battery is (38), but cannot read any of the registers from there.

A Narada technician was kind enough to check the battery for me, he opened a program named BMS on windows and it automatically picked up the battery and could read everything from SOC to number of cycles. Of course, I could not get a copy of the program, but it does mean there is a way to read the information from the battery.

Second issue:
Sometimes the battery just suddenly turns off all current (on full charge), I think it is trying to protect itself from fast discharge but my stats on the inverter does not show high discharge. The inverter has to quickly switch to a different source of energy and there is a noticeable power dip. I physically have to restart the battery to get it to work again but I think this is definitely bad for the inverter and for the appliances connected to the inverter.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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For anyone else that may have the same issue as I had with the battery switching off, I finally figured out that my logic was incorrect, I worked out the Amperes using 230V/240V instead of using the batteries 48V so the Amperes I was pulling were too high and the battery switched off to protect itself. Adding a second battery should solve the issue I have been told by the suppliers of Narada batteries.

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