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Next best option for LiFePO4 Communication



Hi all so we have the following :

9 x Canadian Solar 360w
1 x TheSunPays 5kva / 4kw Axpert Clone (soon to have 2)
2 x TheSunPays LiFePO4 100AH 48v batteries (possibly expanding to 3 or 4)

Now as it currently stands, the batteries can not talk to the inverter. The batteries can also not talk to ICC, the inverter/s however can talk to ICC.

So my question is, if we get ICC, how can we get some sort of reliable info on SoC from the batteries to the inverter?

I have been reading around and it seems that installing a Voltronic BMV-702 will do this?


Has anybody tested this method or is there an alternative way?


Obviously changing batteries would be ideal but we are not made of money and we would like to stick with TheSunPays as they have given exceptional service by answering all our questions as far as they can.

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15 hours ago, 87 Dream said:

Hi Bl4d3

What type of BMS are you running on this setup with your batteries? This would unlock the capabilities you would like & hence some are more capable than others.

There was a great discussion on the forum about the overall BMS & inverter comms & just how important that could or shouldn't be. 

I think most on this forum are sold to the idea that this Comms is so critical purely because it's found on many expensive brands. I beg to differ in that argument. How are you controlling your SoC? By voltage guestimation? If pure SoC charge is all you looking for even a Victron Smart shunt can do that for you. But monitoring remotely & adjustment might also be your aim. 

Please tell us more...


So the batteries have their internal BMS and from what it seems like, there is no known way to communicate with it at all. There are talks of a software that will be released in the future but other than that, nothing can communicate with it.

Currently the inverter is set to fully charge the batteries and then change back to grid once they hit 48v. The issue being is that we dont know what SoC 48v is. For all we know it could be anywhere between 40% and 5%.

Monitoring remotely and adjusting the inverter to change over at the correct SoC is most ideal.

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We had the idea of disassembling them but the batteries are only 1 year old, so we would effectively loose the remainder of the warranty.

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