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Sunsynk 5kW - AC coupled and Off-Peak charge


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On this site we have a Sunsynk 5Kw inverter with 10.2kWh battery and a 4kWp Enphase micro inverter PV system, which cannot be connected into the inverter, just direct to the mains.

Here in the UK we can take advantage of cheap "Off peak" electricity between say, 12:30AM and 4:30AM.

Our objective is to charge the battery during the night with off peak electricity and use the battery to power the house load during the day with the solar PV supplementing that load and when excess solar is produced to use that net export to charge the battery.

The only connections used in the inverter are 1. CT, 2. Battery, 3. Mains, this should suffice being as it is a Grid tied battery inverter.

Presently, we can charge the battery during the "timed" off peak period and then dump into the house load during the day, the Solar PV also dumps into the house load but when the solar generation is greater than the house load instead of charging the battery it dumps it into the grid. Very annoying.

Does anyone know how to set this pig up to charge the battery when excess PV generation occurs. 


sunsynk1 (Medium).jpg

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