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Axpert King 5kW Main CPI 72.00 Reflash.zip 72.00

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About This File

Main (DSP) firmware for the 5kW Axpert King 1 (NOT Axpert King II) with 145 V max PV, version 72.00. The main difference from previous firmware version 71.97 is that several chunks of code were moved around in an important, time critical interrupt routine. So the effects of this change are hard to gauge.

dsp.hex is dated September 2022, but from the dates on other files, I suspect that this firmware was compiled in August 2021.

As always, use at your own risk, and don't use this firmware for any other model. But be aware that the Axpert King 1 5kW is called other names by various resellers, e.g. "PIP-5048MK" or "Kodak OG+ 5.48". Often the word "King" is in the model name, but of course no "II" (Roman numeral 2) after the "King".

Firmware Upload Instructions for Models with a Removable Display.


Edited by Coulomb
Added dates, "Kodak OG+ 5.48".

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