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  1. I've seen it happen in the other direction though. The battery is full and needs to go from bulk to float. What I saw and recorded today is that the load decreases, panel voltage and battery voltage rises and the dip starts. It definitely happens when there is a regular switching of a load and what I suspect is that the SCC can't handle the sudden change in power either up or down and overshoots then needing to dump power which triggers a reset of the algorithm which starts again from zero. If this happens often enough the SCC freezes at 0 and needs to be reset. I attach data recorded by ICC e
  2. Shadders


    From my experience the inverter is more upset by the change in frequency than the actual frequency. One customer was running his generator at 47Hz and the inverter was happy but as soon as a water pump turned on the frequency dropped then returned and in that time the inverter kicked out. As soon as things were stable for a bit it was happy again. As a last comment I've tried at home to run a VMIII 5kVA off a 2.5kVA generator and really struggled to get the loading correct so that the generator power was stable even by using a bypass switch. It did work but it took time to balance things ou
  3. Shadders


    Here's an example of how we would typically install. We have changed the surge protector to the other side of the inverter input breaker so it's closer to the inverter which then has less chance of experiencing induced surges from upstream. The other major benefit of having this is that if your inverter ever has a fault you can isolate it and still provide power to the load.
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    This post might also be handy:
  5. Shadders


    This is a very common problem and is basically due to the sudden loading of the generator which creates a voltage drop and or frequency change which the inverter sees as a fault and kicks it out. It's good to try and load the generator a bit and then turn on the inverter. A suggestion from Coulomb is to run a 200W (I think it was 200W) resistive load and then to start the inverter. What we do for clients is install a bypass switch so their full load is run off the generator and not through the inverter. The inverter is still connected to the generator feed so it basically only draws what curre
  6. ICC runs on a Raspberry pi and sadly they don't offer trial versions anymore. Solpiplog is another pi monitoring software that's free. You can find it on github and it does pretty much the same as ICC but doesn't seem to be as up-to-date or well supported. If you are wanting to use a pc to log watchpower is okay (but not great) and free. Someone on the forum recently posted his software for which he was looking for beta testers.
  7. I use 7zip and it's brilliant freeware. I can convert the file to .zip and upload here if you run into further trouble with it.
  8. Not necessarily true that only fusing the positive would provide the necessary protection. If your positive terminal was earthed the fuse wouldn't fail if there was a fault current from the negative terminal to earth. In most systems you earth one of your potentials and then your protection can safely be installed on the other potential. Quite a few inverters earth the negative battery DC or recommend it, but not all, so it is safer to have a fuse on both lines in case your equipment is set up differently.
  9. Wow. At 9.54 I certainly would expect better generation from your panels than 50W unless it's cloudy or there's shading.
  10. I got my VMIII firmware files from here: https://www.ostrovni-elektrarny.cz/support/Axpert/FW/ Unzip the file and follow the instructions in the pdf. Please make sure you you have the correct model Axpert and don't disturb the update once you start. The VMIII 91.20 file here was the one I used for my 5kva and it should be the same for the 3kva.
  11. Yes it does provided solar power >= load. Arrows on the display can be misleading so do as Coloumb says. The logging should also help clear what is happening quickly. Sorry, I misspoke regarding this. I meant that the inverter will always use panels (or battery) and not AC so they will be used to the full extent necessary. By turning off AC you will force the inverter to not use AC however the panels won't be running at 100% necessarily... the power draw from them will be equal to the load + any battery charging required. I am running the latest firmware (91.02).One
  12. I posted this, not having found this thread. It may be of help sorting out the .CSV values. This was done in excel by importing from row 2 using the correct delimiter, I forget what it is and am too lazy to go look for the USB I used. Shout if I can help out.
  13. Hmm, very puzzling. I've never noticed anything similar on my VMIII. You can log the values in watchpower, this may help check exactly what's what. Another option is to use an OTG cable and usb stick to pull off the logs but this isn't perfect because the logging time is limited to 10min unless in alarm or changing modes. Have you set up the time based priority changes on the VMIII, maybe that's causing confusion? The obvious way to force the panels to work at max is to turn off the AC supply but that leaves you open to a drained battery on cloudy days. This might be a bug but it's
  14. From your description I think it's likely that the inverter is not receiving enough solar to run the load, have you checked your load and solar input when you noticed this? Bear in mind that, yes, you might have 6*335W panels but the 335W figure is obtained under close to perfect conditions and not what you will see in the field. If in SBU and a cloud passes over the inverter will draw from battery so is it a constant problem? Likewise in SUB it will draw from utility. As you have a lithium battery minor cycling is not something I would be too worried about but obviously you don't want to leav
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