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  1. Thanks, that sounds like a good work-around. I'll try it and report back.
  2. Thanks, I suspected something like that. But there must be a setting where it switches over to power itself from the Grid, because the inverter still works when the batteries reach 15% and it stops dropping in voltage at that point. I'd like to keep my Battery charge at the same point when I switch over to UTILITY. Hoping @Coulombhas some advice on how to achieve this.
  3. Quick question, don't know if this is an underlying issue on the Inverter or the Batteries, or if this normal: Inverter: KODAK VMIII (OG5.48) Batteries: 2x pylontech us3000c. Panels: 8x CANADIAN SOLAR 435W SOLAR PANEL (CS-435W) Scenario: System runs on SBU(Solar->Batteries->Utility), but when I anticipate bad solar incidence or if I suspect Load-Shedding is a risk I change to UTILITY ONLY during the night. I would expect the batteries to hold their charge as my load is then directly linked to the GRID. However, the batteries seem to drain at a noticeable rate through the night. See picture below. Question: -What is causing this drain on the batteries? -Is there a setting that can be changed to prevent the batteries from running down through the night?
  4. Getting cheap EV options into the market is the thing that will start to sway the momentum in favour of EVs. I can see myself selling one of our ICE vehicles and reinvesting in a small EV for school runs, basic groceries, going to family that lives in the same suburb. https://www.engineeringnews.co.za/article/eleksa-to-launch-r200000-citybug-electric-car-in-south-africa-2021-08-24 I see these guys are very close to me, might just pop into their shop to see this thing for myself.
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