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  1. How do i get check and get my firmware updated, i have requested on the sunsynk whatsup no but still seems to be the same version? @leshenwould you be able to confirm my inverters max input also?
  2. Should i monitor the Pv amps, i cant see that it is clipping some days it idle for few minutes at 18.9 then some days when the sun comes through the clouds it jumps to 19.5- 19.9A.
  3. So everything is up and running now for about 2 weeks, seems to work great so far. after waiting for new stock the unit was also a 18.8A but i have seen the amps go to 19.9A how can i see if it is clipping ?
  4. He is coming to do installation tomorrow, he waited for stock on the 22A inverter hopefully he gets one. What would be the max 455w panels I can add to this inverter and in what configuration? I now see that with the winter sun moving more to the north the neighbors tree will cast some shadow on my panels, and was thinking to add some panels on the western side but not sure what would my max be ?
  5. Okay i will as soon as it arrives. If its not 22A it means i will loose on the production side when it clips?
  6. He send me this on the ones he have available, so i really hope it is 22A per mppt
  7. Okay i went for the 8kw with 22A mppt and 24 x 455 Mono = 10920W they are rated 10.84A so will be just in the limit on 2 strings. Not enough stock on the 410 or 415 pannels so best option thats in the range was the 455w. They will come install the brackets tomorrow then the rest of the stuff Friday and Saturday. Thanks for all the help.
  8. Yes that's my plan to oversize think i will go the 8kw route, just need to balance my loads during the day.
  9. So does this mean I have to look for panels with 9.9lmp or less to get the max out of the pv array, the higher rated panels will clip? Does this then also apply to the 8kw when using 2 strings per mppt, I see the max input 18Amp so its 9amp per string?
  10. O okay so just a guideline then, if you generate more that 5.5 kw and your batteries are not full do the extra generation get wasted or does it still goes to the batteries? Do you also have the problem with the high pitched noise form your 5kw sunsynk?
  11. Yes that's a valid point, so even the 2 x 5kw will be more than enough then.
  12. Okay great thanks, i am leaning towards the two x 5kw installation my only concern war the high frequency noise that some users experienced. But seems that was sorted? I see the passthrough on 2 x 5kw is 70A where one 8kw is 90A am i correct by saying this? Hopefully in the next two weeks mine wil be up and running.
  13. @Vassenif i have 2 x 5kw inverters can i use the 2 aux ports one for smartloads and another for generator or wont this work?
  14. That's great news, share some final results. What are you running there that 3 x 30kw aren't enough? How are pv production with all 60 panels?
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