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  1. Not yet. I am allmost finished with installation. Will let you know in a day or 2.
  2. Its a three phase setup. There is three sets in series and only 2 in parallel. Its different to my setup.
  3. Thanks again. I saw this video but its got only 2 in parallel. I am not sure about linking for more.
  4. Thank you Speedster. I cant seem to find them. You don’t have an adress?
  5. Had to extend my roof to fit all the panels. Still waiting on the inverters(no stock now).
  6. Hi all. This is my first and very big install. I am putting 20x 455W panels per Sunsynk. Splitting to 2 strings (5 in series and those 2 in parallel). In total 60 panels, 3x Sunsynk 8Kw inverters and 3x 30 Kva Freedom won batteries. I can’t find any info how to program Sunsynk to run master and slaves.
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