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  1. I already have HA, grafana, nodered and many more running in docker for monitoring/automation of my house. So these are the pretty easy. I also monitoring my pylontech batteries but through rs232 and not modbus. Are there any tools/resources that you would recommend for modbus. I have usb to modbus adapter but as I already said modbus is new to me I just need starting point and I will figure out the rest.
  2. Nice work. Could you share your code. I am building something similar based on https://github.com/irekzielinski/Pylontech-Battery-Monitoring Waiting for the part to arrive. The idea is to send data over MQTT to HA.
  3. Thanks for input. Solis is connected to Pylontech via CAN. Solis has 2 rs485 ports but both of them are used, one for meter and another for WiFi stick to upload stats to the cloud. The original question if I understand correctly was if we can use rs485 on the battery to talk to Solis. Which I do no think we can. I am looking at at removing wifi stick and see what I can pull out of Solis but my modbus knowledge is very limited, so any help is very appreciated.
  4. I know this old post but I am looking for same solution. I have Solis inverter with 3x US3000 batteries. I do not think rs485 on the batteries can be used to communicate to inverter. COM port is rs485 so the easiet option is to get rid get rid of wifi stick to use COM port or maybe split it so that wifi stick and also another modbus device is connected at the same time. I saw some github repos connecting to inverter through wifi stick but none of them worked for me as all of them state that wifi stick sn 602xxxxxx and mine is 401. https://github.com/rand12345/Inverter-Data-Logger http
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