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  1. Forgot to mention that if you plan to argue with your supplier then they may throw the "it is an off-grid inverter" in your face. Firstly and mainly, the manual advertises capabilities which the inverter can not do irrespective of the off grid excuse. Secondly, from what I have seen, the general consensus seems to be that an off grid inverter is exactly that, "off of the grid" i.e. no utility input whatsoever which this one has therefore not off grid Hope you come right, as you can see not very happy myself with my experience
  2. Hi, yup sorry bud, I have given up trying to get it to work. The manual blatantly lies about its capabilities. Had a lot of arguments and even returned it to Solar & Inverter Warehouse in Joburg and they told me they would replace it. They gave us the the exact same one back with the same serial number and it still did not work. Some of these guys are only out for a quick buck (it is probably going to get worse with all the loadshedding) and don't care about the rubbish they sell you (quite arrogant about it as well). Last message the one guy that was helping out a little at least told me he would discuss a refund but still have not heard from him. I left it because it was not worth my time anymore. Anyway, the best I can do is to tell you to run it as follows: Output source priority - SBU (not SUB) Operation Logic - Auto Charger source priority - SLB UDC (if you do not want Utility to help charging the battery) This should then use Solar when available to charge the batteries and to supply the loads and if the solar is not enough then it will dig into the battery supply. When the battery gets to low for my taste, I switch it over to ECO (bypass) mode. The inverter seems to use 40watt when in Eco mode and 100watt when in line mode. In case you are using a PylonTech battery, also made some changes there suggested somewhere on this forum about the voltage settings. When "Pylon" was selected as the battery type it constantly cycled it between 99% - 100% which I was not a fan of. The battery does not count it as a cycle each time it does that (not sure how they determine when it actually cycled) but still it was a bit weird
  3. Came across the growatt spf 5000es earlier and the wording of the manual looked very much the same as the voltronic rebranded inverters which made me doubt it (not sure if it is also a voltronic rebrand) but if this one works then awesome. From the screenshot, shouldn't Load consumption = Solar production + Import from grid? Or is that what you mean by the recording isnt done properly? You can see the Solar production is going up from 10h00 - 11h20 which makes sense but the Load consumption and Import from grid are fairly constant
  4. Can anyone confirm whether the SUb output priority setting on their "Off Grid" inverter gives priority to solar power instead of using the grid as stated in the SUb definition, especially when the battery is fully charged? I have searched high and low and some sellers even claim that it can do this in their Q&A but then others say that it can not. The purpose of the SUb would be to maximize the power from the solar (free), minimize the power from the utility (not free) and only use battery as a backup (load shedding/reduction). Anyone that can test this or knows for a fact?
  5. True, my bad Hopefully someone will see the post that can confirm Thanks for all the info @Coulomb, appreciate it!!
  6. 02.66 is what it has so no luck there (attached image). You are definitely correct with the presumption. We had a new form of Load shedding from Eskom, they call it "Load Reduction" now which means the mains were off for 4 hours this morning. I closely monitored what the inverter is doing. It uses the battery from 100% down to 99% for the loads. Then it uses solar energy for the loads as well as solar energy to charge the battery to 100%. Then it repeats the process, so the SCC definitely works just, as you say, not instructed to provide power when mains is available and the battery is fully charged. This is with setting 05 set to "PYL" Have you seen the panels being used for loads even when the battery is full on the latest firmare? Maybe this has not been fixed yet but I have not come across another post saying the same We thought about doing 3S but this would bring us above the 145 V I believe ( currently around 103.9, adding another would bring us to 155 V if my calculations are correct and higher when it is hot)
  7. @Coulomb looks like you are the go to guy. Hope you can share some knowledge pretty please In a nutshell, when the battery is fully charged the inverter uses grid power for the loads and 40watt from the battery if in bypass mode and 100watt from the battery if in line mode. I guess this is to have the quick transfer time (0-40ms). No power from the solar panels is used for the loads when the battery is fully charged and grid is on (confirmed with multimeter, no current flowing through PV cable). When I switch off the grid only then does it use power from the solar panels for the load Have you seen this before? Looking at other posts, this King inverters software looks to be the latest. Is it maybe this latest firmware/software that is buggy or is the inverter possibly faulty?
  8. Hi, thanks for the registration. Recently bought a Kodak King Inverter and connected it to 2 x Jinko 465W panels as a start (the Inverter needs between 60V and 115V and with the 2 panels we are around +-100V max). We have set the 01 settings to SUb (Solar first), however, the inverter does not use the available PV energy for the loads but uses the grid instead. The only way we can get it to use solar is when we manually switch off the mains or when the battery is being charged but when the battery is fully charged no PV is used for the loads. I have read the SUb setting from the manual probably around a 1000 times and it is clear the inverter is not working as it should. SUb: "Solar energy provides power to the loads as first priority. If solar energy is not sufficient to power all connected loads, utility energy will supply power to the loads at the same time. Battery provides power to the loads only when solar and utility is not sufficient". Has anyone maybe come across the same problem or does someone possibly have a King Inverter and can test the SUb setting? The only other setting that has been changed is 05 Battery type: PYL since we are using a Synapse (Pylon 3.55kwh). The inverter is working in line mode and not being bypassed but we tried that as well. Thanks
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