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  1. My question has been well explained many times but I'm still not getting it. If I have a timer band set for 50% unticked, the system will run on battery until 50% then grid comes in and keeps it at 50%. If I have it ticked at 50% I will run on battery til 50% reached then if battery goes below 50% grid will charge to 50% I don't see any difference, please explain. Also if I want to export only 5 or 10% of the battery when it is at 100% and only if my panels are producing how should I set things? Many thanks
  2. Thanks but if the numbers on my meter are going backwards am I getting the same result.
  3. Hope this isn't added twice. I have a very old meter and when I export to grid the wheel on the meter spins backwards. Do I have a bi-directional meter without knowing it?
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