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  1. So i guess that, with this kind of batteries, all you can do is see what you get and just go from there. As i said in my post, linked above, i also ordered something similar and mine will come with no kind of manual, just plug and play and with no kind of communication even between the batteries. At least that is what the seller is saying, that no CAN means no comms, even if the batteries come with rs232 and 2xrs485 ports.
  2. Maybe someone else with more knowledge will enlighten us. I suspect that a special cable is needed, as the ports should follow the rs485 protocol. Also, with different manuals of these batteries, i often saw that the master should be with the address 0000 (all switches in the 0 position), but again, nothing can be taken for granted. If you get the chance to try cascading the with a rs485 wired cable, let us know how it went. on the other hand, according to this, the straight lan cable should work...
  3. I believe the cable should be rs485, not lan. I just oredered a set of 3 similar looking batteries, from another manufacturer, and i am curious how they will perform. I am looking for people Who have similar batteries to share their experience. I also saw that this battery has 2 models, a 15s and a 16s. Judging by the charging voltages, i would say that you have the 15s version, right?
  4. If isolating them did the trick, doesn't that mean that the bms's weren't doing their job? Considering that the cable between them is an rs485 cable and that they were communicating with each other.
  5. Hello everyone. I ordered a set of 3 batteries, lifepo4, 48v 50ah, 16s, from Alibaba. The price i got them at is around 690USD / piece shipped to Romania, all taxes included. After the order i started digging a little further and it appears that they don't have CAN, and the sales woman that i was in contact with said that the RS485 is not actually used, not even for connecting the batteries between them and for paralleling i should just connect them toghether...without any communications. They also sell something that seems very similar to the Pylontech US2000, and they charge another 100 USD for each. I think i am able to change my order for this other type, called TS2000 (very similar in name too), but i would ask you for some advice. First of all, i like that the tk's are 16s, opposed to the 15s of the other model. Second, i suspect that the woman can't be right about not being able to use the rs485 ports for communications...and they also have rs232 port. No software provided. Please share your thoughts about this, because i kind of feel like this might be wasted money. Here, a pylontech US2000 sells for about 1150 USD ( more with over 50%). My application will be to pair them with an Axpert King 5k inverter, to act like an online UPS, backed by a 8kw gasoline generator. in the future, i might add solar panels. This is the model i ordered: this is the TS2000 model:
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