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  1. Which brand is the preferred one? Re-branded units are Deye, SunSynk & Fusion Which one has the best, most updated firmware & interface? Where is the best place to order with good pricing? Where will I get good support and after sales service? So far I have the Deye from Rubicon at a fairly good price & very good technical support and then the Sunsynk from Ellies an old supplier of mine in Audio/Video From what I see on the forum most lean towards the Sunsynk. Why?
  2. I managed to change the settings by using the older version 1.13 of Solar Power. Does anyone know where I can get the latest stable version? This is the settings I have done to match the batteries with the inverter. Not to sure of all the settings. Just know the Bulk Charging and Floating Voltage should be right according to the Dyness B3 manual
  3. Hi, need help with my setup Mecer Infinisolar Plus 5kW (version1) (soon to connect another one in parallel) 2x Dyness B3 3.6kW SolarAssistant on RPi 2 (changing to SMH in 2-3 weeks-waiting for the compatibility upgrade) 10 x 300W Canadian Solar panels (another 10 coming soon) What cable do I need to connect Dyness B3 battery to the RPi and where can I buy it? At the moment I cannot change battery settings when I connect the PC with Solar Power 1.15. It applies but no changes to the values. What am I doing wrong? Can I reset the setting and start again. I have to switch of AC manually for half the day, otherwise I see no difference in units used from the prepaid meter
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