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  1. Probably more useful in the long term if the relevant information gets written down; a training session only benefits the people that are present.
  2. I assume there is an order it will 'source' the power in for this case. Is battery last? Perhaps good to specifically mention that the BMS comms will affect these as well. My understanding is that the lesser of 'Battery Setup' and BMS are used when determining a rate, so you can't force the battery bank into too high a rate but you can lower it. The precise order of what else takes priority over what eludes me so far.
  3. Actually, I think I answered most of my own question: However, what happens if there is no grid, generator or PV during a time period with a power limit? Assuming the load exceeds the set limit. Will the inverter ignore the limit to keep the load powered? The scenario I have in mind is to partially discharge the batteries once a day to keep them healthy. However, I want to do it gradually at about 0.25C. But as there are no solar panels, I am not sure exactly what will happen if load shedding occurs during this discharge interval. If there is load shedding, I would very much want the batteries to be able to discharge at the full rate allowed by the BMS.
  4. This is a far better explanation than the user manual. The one thing I am not clear on is exactly what the 'Power' column affects. And does its behaviour change if the grid/generator checkboxes are enabled. Does it limit how much power the batteries will supply during that time period (presumably the deficit then comes from the grid/generator, or PV if available)?
  5. https://powerforum.co.za/topic/10367-sunsynk-battery-compatibility-document/
  6. Should be 5 & 6, as far as I know. You may need to swap the two wires around if you get a negative CT reading.
  7. During the recent load shedding my inverter lost power completely (there seems to be an unrelated problem with my batteries, so they were not supplying any power). When it powered up again the inverter's grid setting had reverted from "220v Single Phase / 50Hz" to what I assume is the default, "120v/240v Split Phase / 60Hz". The inverter also shows 0v and 0Hz on the grid status screen despite the grid being present. The grid mode setting also reverted from "General Standard" to (the default?) "UL1741 & IEEE1547". Manually changing the grid setting and grid mode to the right values seems to have no effect, the grid status still shows 0v and 0Hz. This seems to be reproducible, in that the inverter can be powered down repeatedly while in this state and always loses the grid settings. It also seems to revert the "System Work Mode" back to "Selling first" and "Battery First", which is not the mode I was using prior to the power loss. It would therefore seem that all the settings in their entirety are reverting back to the default, although I have not exhaustively checked every one. Since the inverter incorrectly claims the grid is not present, the AC passthrough does not work while the inverter is in this state, which is inconvenient to say the least. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Is it indicative of a damaged inverter or does the inverter not bother writing settings to non-volatile memory?
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