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  1. Thanks for the clarification - I'm going to the guys that made the tracking system stand to see if it can be modified to take a fourth panel. Thanks again for everyone's suggestions.
  2. Plonkster - do you mean just use 2 panels in series - without the third? Or get a fourth & put 2 sets of series connected panels connected in parallel as Chris suggested?
  3. Sorry Chris - I also wanted to check again - if I can't add a fourth panel - is it possible to have 2 in parallel connected to 1 in series which would result in about 60V VMP or 74V VOC which would be within my MPPT chargers ranges?? Or am I going down the wrong path here?
  4. Thanks for the reply Chris. Our temperatures here are about 35 in the summer (20-25 in spring/autumn) & it can go to 0 or slightly subzero for a about a week in the winter. I have 2 x 200Ah 12v gel batteries in parallel. I accepted the new panels from my friend because a) they are 3 brand new panels whereas mine are over a year old & b - they are mounted on a tracking system. I was going to sell the 4 x 150W panels. Maybe I shouldn't have accepteed the gift! The problem is that the tracking system holds 3 panels only. Maybe I need to see if it can be modified to carry another. Decisions!
  5. Hi, I need some advice regarding panel configuration for 3 x 250W panels connected to a Tommatech 3KVA (re-branded Axpert Ex 3K-24) inverter with MPPT charger. I was previously running 4 x 150W panels in series but a friend kindly gifted me 3 new panels on a nice automatic tracking system that was surplus to his needs. The inverter's MPPT specs are as follows: Rated Power 1000W Operating Voltage 30-80V Max VOC 102V The 3 panels specs are as follows: Pmax (W) 250 Voc (V) 37.18 Vmp (V) 29.13 Imp (A) 8.6 The guys that set it up configured the panels in parallel which I understand gives me the same voltage as 1 panel but increased amps. This is at the lowest range of the operating voltage for the MPPT charger. My question is - would it not be better if they were either in series - which would take it over the operating voltage slightly & also a little over the max VOC or maybe have 2 in parallel connected to 1 in series - this would result in being within all the ranges but having a significantly increased voltage. Am I correct in understanding that an increased voltage is better for MPPT charges and the surplus will be converted to increased amps?? I'm a newbie but to be honest - I don't have confidence in the guys that configured the panel array as they don't deal with MPPT chargers normally. I would really appreciate advice on the optimal configuration for my setup as we are completely off-grid.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions.
  7. I have a Tommatech 3KVA with MPPT charger which is a rebranded Voltronic - I think it matches the Axpert EX 3K-24. (specs. on unit attached) I'm in quite a remote area & rely on mainly solar power but for a fee I can get 4-5 hours of shared generator power at night but it's only 2A & the voltage is quite low - ranges between 140-170V. I want to use it to top up the batteries especially on cloudy days. The problem is it has a 2A trip switch which keeps on tripping & it's quite a walk to go & throw it back up. I was using this previously on a manual charger & simple inverter system & it didn't trip. What I want to do is set the generator as the charge source when available WITHOUT being output source (bypass) as that seems to be when it trips. Is there a way that I can set it to only charge my batteries & not use it as a source? I've tried setting 01 - Output source priority: Sbu 16 - Charger source priority: Utility first It doesn't start to charge the batteries unless it's on output source priority utility & then trips. By my logic - if the output source priority is Solar/Battery/Utility (01-Sbu) & charger source priority is Utility then it should work as I need. Maybe I'm not understanding the settings correctly. Any ideas??
  8. Sent - thanks for the suggestion.
  9. When I click on the download button I get: You may only download files after you have made 15 posts.
  10. Hi, I've newly registered to the forum but have been viewing the forum as a guest previously. TBH it's the best solar forum that I've found & is very accommodating for newbies. You do have one policy that I do find a bit harsh though. 15 posts to download files that would be very useful for newbies like me! May I humbly suggest that it is lowered - especially for files that are helpful for newbies! I really want to download the Axpert settings as I think that it would help me setting up my new system but really don't want to post 15 posts of gibberish before I actually get going. Can anyone kindly PM me the latest version if it's not going against any rules too much! I mean this file: Thanks


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