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  1. hi tnanks for the reply, yeah sad to hear that. been wondering if maybe a firmware change will do. but have no idea on doin so with this unit... or maybe ill just use the inverter as a dc to ac converter and ill just connect the panels to a diffrent brand external solar charge controller and chrge the batt. which will feed to the blind axpert inv.
  2. hi. thanks for the reply pv's all good. and been monitoring the controller. its fine also.
  3. thanks for replies, yeah been a bit frustrated. when i discovered the issue when i bought the inverter new, set it up with two new 200ah batt. then thought inverter was doin fine. then i was wrong new batt. was slowly being used up.
  4. hi guys iam planning to buy a batt.. is npp brand any good?
  5. hi guys , im having this problem on my inverter it seems that . it can properly know the real soc. of the battery
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