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  1. I was doing a reading these past two months regarding the power fluctuations in this area. It's supposed to be 220V at 60Hz. While the frequency stayed between 58 to 62 Hz, the voltages ranged between 170 to 245 volts daily. Unbelievable how wide the gap in voltage.
  2. Well....after one year of testing and experimenting with this cheap MPP SOLAR rebranded hybrid inverter...I'm ready to break it down. I spend little time and money doing fancy productions on any of my solar topics, but I do try to get straight to the point. Hoping this will help anyone trying to examine this particular product for purchase. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlHOKmuHJeg&t=61s
  3. Thanks for the info. I figured out Gel's aren't really in need of equalization, but I do know that it's an "as needed" kind of procedure. It's just nice to have a controller that has that option as opposed to needing it and you can't do it because there is no option. As I learn more on solar, I am finding little things that I would want and things I'd do differently. I am so glad I didn't spend a fortune and studied things first. I would have made expensive mistakes otherwise. And in some blogs, I have seen people complain about exactly that.
  4. Yeah...I should have toned down the noise. That's not actually the inverter. That was the drill, a grinder and another specialized tool running with a few other little loads as well. They were all running at the same time. I keep it raw as some people think editing removes the "seeing is believing" aspect. Yeah...sorry about that. Thanks for the constructive criticism though.
  5. I absolutely agree with you. Grid is definitely much more consistent "if it is well maintained". I can't say that for this area. It's not just the fluctuation, but pretty sure its not pure sine wave as you can hear buzzing when using appliances that run almost silent on another grid. Additionally the power outages are ridiculous. Two days without power is normal. There are times where five days of no power can occur. And you might have five days of no power, the power comes back and then power outage for two days. Really just ridiculous. Modern does not exist here.
  6. Got a chance to view a friends' 100kW Trina Solar Array powering four, in parallel, Schneider Electric Inverters that help to power his factory. During an overcast day it produced 90+kW. I can only imagine a sunny days' production of power. Very impressive indeed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngII5gvB1Do
  7. I love it. At the end of this video it shows the inverter getting power directly from the sun converting it into usable AC power. I can't be more pleased. I can't wait to start a larger project. I am so impressed by this choice of inverter. I pray it continues to last and work the way it does. I do have it set up as DC Coupled, but the fact that it inverts directly from sun to AC is priceless. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rJjwYyRzJc
  8. I caught this inverter powering a 1.1kW water pump early in the morning. The battery was a bit low (almost at 50%), but was still operational after a long night of powering lights. 200W came from early morning light but was interested to see if anyone has a video of their own that shows this behavior in an MPP. Thanks ahead.
  9. Hello everyone. Made a quick video on Epever MPPT Charge Controller. While going through it I realized that Gel batteries do not have to be equalized. Is this true or should I worry that Epever does not have an equalize for Gel Batteries..? Hope someone can help. Thanks.
  10. Hello. Just wanted to share with everyone this menu programming with MPP SOLAR. I'm stumped at the last setting though. I do not know what it does and, unfortunately, the manual doesn't even have a description of the number anywhere. I'm hoping someone might know what that last item on the menu is. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for all the comments. I figured SOC is different than just battery voltage. I've been studying up on Victron and other brands that offer a bit more when it comes to battery charging. I find it funny that there are many things involved in solar when it come to PV, the inverting itself and batteries. I think MPP SOLAR is ok. I'm finding limitations when it comes to battery charging. I put on an Epever as is was inexpensive for a 40amp charger and gave me more control over charging. I'd love to have a Victron, but they're just a tad out of my price range just yet. Again thanks for all the inputs.
  12. I was testing my inverter after a new install of a backup mppt charge controller and wanted to put it through its' paces. What I didn't count on is cloud edging that day. I am hoping the inverter, itself, wasn't just going crazy. I'm trying to figure out whether this is normal during cloud edging. Everything seemed to run fine. Just looking to see if I am correct in assuming that this is the norm. Thanks.
  13. Hello. I'm trying to find out if there is anyone out there who has done a test regarding MPP SOLAR and their battery voltage metering on the State of Charge of a battery. There have been questions about this so I experimented (cheaply) to try to answer the question myself. This video is my evidence regarding that question that many seem to pose on youtube or in other blogs. Maybe I've just been lucky, but I don't see any discrepancies to the metering of their battery voltage.
  14. I was doing a comparison of my rebranded MPP SOLAR AC Inverter output to AC Grid/Utility output. In my area (Provincial Philippines), it really made a difference in clean power. The Utility power can fluctuate up to 70 volts on a 230V 60Hz grid system. I was wondering if anyone else has this experience or is this normal...?
  15. I am finally on the sixth month of this rebranded MPP SOLAR inverter and I have to say (knock on wood) so far so good. In fact, I've been quite impressed by its' ability to take direct sunlight and immediately change it into AC Power. In this video that's exactly what you'll see. If it used the battery, at all, it was minimal. I used a 360-370 watt power grinder on and off for about 15 to 20 minutes (most of which I just ran it for extended periods of time). I was testing two things....the over voltage (if it came on every time....it didn't) and how much battery was used. Surprisingly, with only 600W of panels in series and a lot of sun, the battery was already at float when I was finished using the grinder. This little unit was my first start at "testing" and "studying" what best way t use solar. Impressed so far...hopefully I don't jinks myself. Anyway...here is the video.


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