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  1. Morning guys! Woke up to no power any my axpert has no power, tried to switch it on and off, breakers are all good. Is there anything on the inverter itself i can check?
  2. The fronius looks like a champ of an inverter but i think the goodwe would be more in line with my price range. Definitely looking to go with a hybrid inverter. why go grid tied when your still at the whim eskom power failures. Unless im getting myself confused
  3. So seeing as this thing will pretty much be deemed illegal for JHB use and ultimately i would like to upgrade my solar down the line what on the recommended list would you guys suggest that would be a suitable replacement? Look at some pylontech batteries also.
  4. Jaws im getting there thanks to Chris and Erastus. Id love to borrow the meter bud
  5. Thanks plonkster! All I really wanted to know. The one thing I've noticed is that I have a different meter from all my neighbour's which is strange to say the least. This eve I'm considering shutting the down the all the jumpers at the eskom box as soon as I take a reading. House should be completely running off the batteries. Then see if I have the same reading in the morning.
  6. Last min act of desperation. Anyone willing to stop by my place and check out the system. Ranburg side. Name your price. Message me if your interested
  7. As in shut down the inverter? Everything connected to the inverter like plugs and lights go off. Pool pump and upstairs geyser still work So just the upstairs geyser is connected to eskom. The other one is vac tubed with a geyser wise timer.
  8. We have one geyser for upstairs which is run on eskom and one with evacuated tubes for downstairs. The one upstairs is never used and is always off at the db. Geywise timer install also. Prior to having solar installed were we averaging 22kwh and both geysers were running off eskom back then. Now we're averaging 10kwh more while pretty much shutting off everything at night. Inverter shows a load of 18w to 20w when we shut down for the eve. So I the only thing I can think of is either something is wrong with this install, maybe we're feeding back into the grid or th
  9. Erastus that Pic with the meter is not mine. Another user Nameed posted that. So kak isolator aside any ideas guys? Attached is the eskom meter outside that goes to the house
  10. OK guys sorry for the delays, been crazy busy but had some time off this morning I've added some pics from powerwatch and the setup in general *which im sure will be deemed illegal in jHB come 2019* Excuse the blurry battery bank pic, they're Trojans and i think my camera was drunk.
  11. Morning Chris, im still a white belt in terms of this stuff. I do have a cable that can connect to the axpert, what software should i use to see the settings? From there i can do screen caps for you
  12. https://powerforum.co.za/topic/2334-losing-my-mind/ Thats my current situation at the moment.
  13. only one which is heated via evacuated tubes, will only use eskom to heat the element if weather is poor
  14. Jaco that would be daily consumption
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