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  1. Sorry, I haven't made any progress on the repair. I am considering replacing the whole board, first need to find one. Otherwise I'll try the repair but I see the components are a bit pricey.
  2. I have no idea. Will have to find out.
  3. @Coulomb Here is what I found so far, resistances measured in Ohm: It looks like IGBT QB2 and QD2 is shorted. QA1 is the one that blew. On the MOSFETs, I see a short on Q23. What should the resistance be of the high frequency transformer TX1? D4 also burned. @Richard Mackay I was using the normal mains, I am not sure if there was a spike causing the failure.
  4. This is what I found so far. The one IGBT marked QA1 is blown. The resistor R137 for that IGBT also burnt. I still want to measure the MOSFETS and check if they are fine. There might have been a fuse in the box, might have thrown it away with the box .
  5. Ok, replaced the fuse, the inverter powers up but after a few seconds gives Fault 09, which, by searching the forum, means that there is an issue on the DC bus. Will have to some further investigation.
  6. @Quat Allah Alshams I have got a 200Ah Lead acid battery bank. I will have to confirm my charge settings if I get it working again. If the settings are higher than 10%, will that cause the fuse to blow? I got a fuse from the one battery supplier here in Secunda, will test it when I get home. He did not charge me anything.
  7. My house was built in the 1970's, so not that old.
  8. Luckily it is not soldered. It is just a fusible link, tightened nuts.
  9. I was thinking of replacing it. Any ideas where to get the fusible link? I am going to try a automotive spares shop tomorrow.
  10. I have got an Axpert 5kVA inverter which blew the internal 200A battery fuse. I was only charging the batteries and there was no load on the inverter. I do have a 100A circuit breaker on the battery-bank but for some reason that did not trip. Any ideas what could've caused this?
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