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  1. Sorry to dive into the thread, does anyone have a copy of the diagnostic software for the pylontech batteries. I understand i can terminal in, but speaking to some suppliers of the batteries, I keep hearing "we have got the software" for these too. There is obviously some kind of GUI interface software knocking around for them, anyone have any links?
  2. Does anyone have any sources for firmware updates for this hardware, apparently they wont give them to anyone but their own installers which is completely ridiculous. So if you buy and install one your self they wont support you!? Anyhow firmware updates please
  3. I have got 4 Pylontech batteries currently going into my Solax 3.7kw Hybrid inverter. I would like some info on recommended charge/discharge parameters, the manual only gives a general guide. Its currently set to Lithium Min Capactity 20% Charge Cut Voltage 53.5 Discharge cut voltage 47 Max charge current 50A Max Discharge current 50A Are these parameters ok or do you recommend i adjust them?
  4. Thank you very much Mark that is of great help, i knew i could console in, just knew it wasn't nothing i could just guess. Shame Pylontech are zero help, they dont even bother replying to any tech support questions.
  5. Does anyone know how to read data from the Pylontech batteries when in use, they have ports on the front but the manual gives no info at all on how to get any sort of live data out of them while use. In particular i would like to be able to read any fault data stored on them and also live data in terms of battery capacity, voltage, current etc. I have 4 of them linked up to my Solax Hybrid inverter which works well, but my inverter only gives me the battery capacity and nothing else. I notice that they seem to run at different capacities during use, i think they needed to be balanced. Also does anyone know if the firmware can be upgraded. The company is absolute shite for tech support and the manual is rubbish, it doesn't even list how to use half the ports which are available on it. Its obvious to me that you can log into them somehow, i just need to know how and what ports to use etc. Any help appreciated Thanks!


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