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  1. Wish you a quick recovery....
  2. Plonkster, The Terrible Triplett...Victron gurus...have noticed my Multiplus has a faint continuous ‘inverter’ led pulsation. The mains and absorption leds are on. Absorption is set for 8 hours.Is this normal? Today my setup got its first trial....mains were off for 11 hours and the battery bank dropped to 83.7%
  3. Noted...I need to get a Venus device before getting the panels....right?
  4. Morning guys, a quick one...with the 48/3000/35 Easysolar, does the the battery bank get 105amp charging current[35amp from the inverter and 70amp from the 2 charge controllers] when fully connected or is there an internal control to limit the current assuming there’s no Venus device or mppt control....
  5. Hi guys...a quick one....when installing the Victron BMV....do we need to move the Multiplus temp connect from the negative side of the battery bank?
  6. Well explained....will patiently wait for it..
  7. Hi guys....my mk3 to usb is taking too long to be delivered ...would a usb to rj45 cable be able to connect to the blue inverter.? Or does the mk3-usb has special doo-hickey in it?
  8. Since am new at this....am disconnecting the battery bank many times....after the excitement is over...the disconnects will be minimal. A fuse block with a switch with a tiny led to show when it’s ‘on’...would be cool
  9. ....wow that was informative. Wish Victron would incorporate a switch in their fuse blocks to avoid this. It would make replacing the fuse an easier task...
  10. The resistor idea is cool...will definitely try it. Have for the moment settled for a cutout switch used commonly in our meter boxes....rated at 80amps at 240v...will it have any problems in my setup?
  11. Does it have a switch to disconnect the battery supply...?
  12. Hi guys...what can I use to safely disconnect the battery bank....battery switches are not available locally. The sparks/arcing that occurs when I reconnect the battery is just scary...
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