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  1. Two units in parallel supplied by mecer. Software can be diffrent on these units. Depends on supplier: IN-AX-5kva-4000w-48v-Axpert MKS 5k-48v 80A MPPT as per order doc's
  2. Hi Jay The max. charge set value on the pylon battries is 53.2V Regards Christo
  3. Hi Jay Only investigating the possibility. Still needs to purchase the best option of the available equipment. Considering turbines from 1.5kw to 3kw and installation area is Waterval Boven. It is important to combine the turbine with the existing axpert inverters and pylontech lithuim battries installation. Regards Christo
  4. Anybody that can help me with a solution with an charge controller that can charge pylon Lithui-Iron battries directly from a 3Kw 48 or 110v wind turbine. My current system consist of 30X295W panels, two Apert 5kw inverters and a bank of Pylon battries. The only solution that I could came up is to charge 8x240A omnipower battries with the existing wind charge controller. Then use a axpert inverter to convert the power from the omni battries to 220v. Then use the 220v with another axpert inverter to charge the existing bank of Pylontech battries say at 5 or 10 amps. I can then add say anot
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