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  1. Goodwe 5048 EM Hybrid Invertor for sale. Still under warranty (over 3 yrs balance left) Recently upgraded to its bigger brother
  2. Hi. May be a silly question. What has the experience been on power generation on Cloudy days ? Thank you.
  3. Hi. Im in Jozies. 8 x Canadian Solar 330W I've already factored 20% loss in my calcs (2240W)
  4. Hi, Thank you for your feedback. So I'm aware that this is far from ideal setup and there will be limited supply of energy both day and night. My aim was to introduce some sort of savings and have something for loadshedding In reality what can I expect from sun generation ?
  5. Hi, I've been looking at this for a while now. Looking at the foll setup 8 x 350KW Canadian Solar (4 panels East & 4 panels West) 1 x 5048 Goodwe (toss up between ES / EM) 1 x PylonTech US3000 (initially maybe a 2nd unit when the budget allows) I did a calculation and I will typically use Day :1443W per hour (peak of 4543W if I switch on some heavy appliances) with a total of 7618W over a 6 hour day (12 423W if I switch on some heavy duty appliances that day). Night : 1367W per hour for about 3 hours, a total of approx 5142W over 12hrs
  6. I'm leaning towards the following as there is less components and looks cheaper than Victron :- 6 x 330W (JA or Canadian Solar) 1 x 5KW Goodwe 1x 3.5KW Pylon Battery (phase 1, will add another bank later) Anyone recommend a good reliable installer )I'm wheelchair bound so need someone reliable when there's issues) Thanks Athish
  7. Hi, As much as hardware is important we generally overlook or not focus on the software side of things. Does anyone know how the monitoring capabilities compare on Goodwe vs Victron. It is always good to know how the system is performing, historical data analysis and ability to make changes in the system depending on changing needs.
  8. Hi all, I've been investigating the solar and battery backup system with all this Eskom woes for some time now. I've received a proposal which includes 6 x JA PVC panels(330V, 12 year warranty), 1 x 5KW Goodwe(5048, 5 year warranty) and 2 x Pylon (US2000, 10 yr warranty). I was wondering the foll. How good is the above configuration ? Is 1 x Pylon US3000 better than 2 x US2000 (from a cost perspective) ? I am told the above Invertor is quite robust and has the ability to tap into live generation and utlilisation (after all what good is a system if its runn
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