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  1. When it happens, both invertors have this error, but will try something to cool it down if its too hot
  2. HI Coulomb, Thanks for the reply I have been monitoring his now for a week after, This definitely only happened when we were in a heatwave. Since then, outside temperatures have been cooler and no more errors. However, i was wondering if the CAN error is actually caused by raspberry Pi that is getting "too hot" instead of the invertors, I only assume this as the error is a communication error and not overheating or something to that fact? Regards
  3. Hi Can someone please advise I have 2 x 5KW Axpert invertors in parallel with 2 pylontech batteries and 9 x solar panels. Once a day, around Midday, the invertors trip with error code #80 (CAN error). I am also running ICC software on the system Have been running the system for 10 months with no previous issues I have no clue as to what the issue may be? Regards
  4. Hi, before Pi, I used the standard settings found on this forum. However, those settings switch to grid at about 60% SOC of pylontech
  5. Hi please help with Axpert invertor settings with Pylontech batteries I have parallel Axpert 5kw invertors and 2 pylontech batteries. So far all working well, however my system switches back to Eskom when batteries are at 60% SOC. What settings on ICC do I need to change so that the invertor only switches to Eskom at 40% SOC.
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