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  1. Hi Rocketman

    I believe you will be able to help me. We have 3 x 8kW Sunsynk Inverters that we are running in parallel to get 3Phase. If it is only running on the PV everyting is working excellent but as soon as we bring in the Grid everything is going Crazy.

    One of my questions are: All 3 Inverters are set to Masters - One for every phase because if we set is Master/Slave/Slave it does not want to work.

    If we switch it to grid, the one inverter give us a Grid Change mode and the other 2 give us either a over voltage/under voltage Alarm. Can you please advise if we are doing something wrong?


  2. Good day I did follow the steps one by one again and changed bulked charging volts from 55V to 53.5V which is the specs of the batteries. I will let you know the results.
  3. Willa Kotze


    Hallo i have 2 infinisollar 10 kw hybrit inverters in parelelle when for any reason the power cuts of the 1 inverter goes back to defold setting and needs to be programed again to my instalation specs the 2 one keeps the setting . can any one help me
  4. Hi guys Okay, so I have tried to connect with Solar Power Pro but no success. I still have the same problem: The inverter is taking energy from the Grid, even though the PV and the batteries are more than capable to support the load that we use. Regards
  5. Hi I tried to connect Solar Power Pro to my inverters but it doesn't want to read it. I used the USB port, I will try the serial cable tomorrow. We are using the Rasberry PI as an ICC but we heard that it is not compatible with the 10kW 3Phase inverter yet. Can I rely on it for an estimate on the monitoring system or is it completely wrong? Regards
  6. Thank you I will go and have a look. I am not sure if we are connecting with current sharing cables as well as comm cables. Maybe that is our problem, the fact that we use SolarPower and not SolarPower Pro. I will get back to you about that one. Thank you in advance. Regards
  7. I am absolutely sure, we have a pre-paid meter installed, so we can actually see the units that it uses. When we had only one inverter it was about 10W in total but the moment we added the second inverter it went crazy. It is something that we don't understand and we are having a hard time to find somebody to explain it to us. Maybe we did something wrong with the settings. We are using the usb to set each setting separately, we still need to buy the bus card to sync the 2 inverters. At the moment we disconnected the Grid totally and are only going on solar but we would prefer to add the grid since we do have machinery that need the extra help from the grid to start.
  8. Hi It uses about 8kWh at night (18:00 - 06:00) It is a off-Grid set-up with priority when PV not available: Batteries-Grid We are using SolarPower to do the set-up. The battery bank are not too small because we still have 50% available and the inverters share a battery bank. The charging/discharging make sense now, thank you Youda. Regards
  9. Hi We have 2 10kW 3Phase Mecer/Infisolar Hybrid inverters connected in parallel. Why does the Master constantly discharging the batteries and the Slave charges the batteries? It is ongoing throughout the day, non-stop. The other question: Why does the Inverters use so much energy from the Grid? If we disconnect the Grid it runs smoothly on the PV and the batteries but as soon as we connect the Grid it takes energy from it?


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