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  1. Here are the answers to your questions: 1. 9 panels of 335w each, connected in 3 arrays of 3 connected in series to give 9 x 335w potential output 2. 2 x US2000 pylon batteries. 3. Load at time of switch is either very low or not much above 700 to 800 watts. 4. The guys in Zimbabwe have changed settings a few times so I'm not sure of their current settings . Will come back to you as soon as I have these. May take a few days. Apologies. Many thanks
  2. A question on a solar system in Zimbabwe using an Axpert 5kva inverter. On some days and not others, around midday, the inverter switches from supplying solar power to using battery power. Come evening the pylon batteries are down to 3 lights. Zimbabwe at present only really receive grid power from around 10pm at night to about 5am the next morning. We have been through the settings on the inverter and made a few adjustments but have not sorted out the issue. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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