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  1. Standard Pylon console to USB and Inverter USB works fine. Even picks up the battery cycles
  2. Thanks Chloe, the MultiSIBControl software works 100%. I've never been a Windows fan but Win 10 works fine. Bye bye Raspberry Pi ?
  3. I have the same problem - seems to happen when load increases , for example when switching on a kettle etc. Keeping your OS up to date helps
  4. Thank you guys. I really appreciate all the input. Will keep you updated
  5. Thanks, will check the inverter setting. The joke is I removed my SD card from the PI to make a backup - it cracked when I removed it so all is lost. I am struggling to get the ICC software from the supplier as well as the ID etc. So I thought I might as well try something else.
  6. Hi guys, are there any software alternatives to ICC for Raspberry Pi? The only control I need is to switch from Grid to Solar in the mornings and then back to grid in the afternoon, thus protecting my battery. ICC has this built-in as a function but it does not switch back at the set time in the afternoon My setup is as follows: 5 kVA Mecer (~Axpert - same thing) 12 x 320 W Solar panels (6 + 6 in parallel) 2.5 kWh Pylontech Lithium Ion Battery Maybe someone can help with simple code to run from the PI eg. at 08h00 to Solar and then at 16h00 to grid.
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