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  1. sonium

    InfiniSolar 10kw

    I think i have the correct settings for charging, however im new to this. what do you mean with setting 16? can you check my screenshot #2? I did try to reset. I've tried with two inverters, same happens. Must be some configuration i'm missing or can it be outdated firmware? Not sure if related! Hope someone can help me out! Thanks
  2. Hello, im new to this community and i've been reading the forum for a time now, but haven't found answer for my problem. It's a bit hard to explain, but i'll try my best. I have a infinisolar 10k connected to a few solar panels, to the grid and to batteries. I have the settings configured to the images im attaching. My problem is, the grid is still charging the batteries, when it shouldnt. It's consuming 1.5A per phase, when without batteries, it consumes 0.5A per phase. What am i doing wrong here? I'm out of ideas. If anyone can enlight me, i would be grateful! Also, is there a way to connect power consumption after overload, without using the software? Thanks in advance!


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